Řezáč represents Slavia pojišťovna SPORT TEAM

Slavia pojišťovna has established its SPORT TEAM, whose colors are represented by experienced as well as promising Czech cross-country skiers in the Visma Ski Classics series. “In addition to working with professionals, the goal of the team is primarily to support sports activities for the general public, whether it is cross-country skiing, water sports or cycling,” explains Pavel Sehnal, owner of Slavia pojišťovna and team initiator.

The PR team of the Knowlimits agency organized a small press conference for Slavia pojišťovna in December 2018, where we presented the main goals of the newly established sports team. Stanislav Řezáč, who is the most prominent figure of the Slavia pojišťovna SPORT TEAM, also took part in it. “I’ve been taking part in ski races since the end of last century. I won the Jizerská 50 a few times, they also wrote about me in Sweden recently – I ran their unique 90km long Vasaloppet twenty times already. It is good that we met with Klára Moravcová and Martin Švarc in the team. Just like me they love those long distances and know well how to go for them it. Of course, I rely more on years of experience, they represent youth, ferocity, and in Klara’s case also grace,” says Řezáč.

Besides the long-term representation of Slavia pojišťovna in the media (corporate, crisis communication, external press spokesman), Knowlimits is also responsible for the communication of the Slavia pojišťovna SPORT TEAM.