Redesigning of “Balíkovna” for Czech Post Office

Czech Post will gradually change the appearance of it´s Balíkovna counters. The InStore team of the Knowlimits Group is in charge of the production of all prints needed for redesign, as well as the application of new branding on the counters and doors of Czech Post locations throughout the country. The new upgrade will affect approximately 250 post offices. „Almost live process recording and tasks tracking is what makes this order quite unique. We manage everything in the internal system that allows Czech Post to have an online overview of the status of installations,” says Pavel Kozler, CEO of KnowInstore and adds that it is necessary to remove invalid branding first and then install set of new labels.

KnowInstore deals with point of sale promotion. It exclusively sells advertising space to the network of Teta drugstores and other retailers. Our team of experienced consultants knows how to prepare a comprehensive concept at the point of sale from pre-analysis through the implementation of the campaign all the way down to its evaluation.

For details or more info feel free to reach out to Pavel Kozler: +420 603 806 265