We invented augmented reality for Marian Column on The Old Town Square in Prague project

During fall 2019 we started cooperation with sculptor Petr Váňa and also Pavel Max Vincent, art director and augmented reality specialist. Together we supported project of reinstalling of Marian Column to its original place on Old Town Square in Prague. Performed marketing activities included invention of dedicated website, Facebook profile and also a special AR filter for smartphones, which allowed displaying 3D model of the column and sharing user´s own selfie in the style of a baroque sculpture.

In order to spread awareness about the project, whether its current state or history, we created a website www.mariansky-sloup.cz. The solution lets users sign an electronic petition and support the construction of a column in the square, read the story and understand the wider context of the project. At the same time user gains access a link to launch the Facebook augmented reality filter. „We wanted to embrace the communication towards public in less conservative way, therefore we decided to exploit the potential of augmented reality. This modern technology enables to credibly convey a vision of what the object might look like in the future,“ says Lukáš Capanda, Creative Director of KNOWLIMITS Group.

The Facebook application shows the planned form of the column directly at the place where the user points the camera of his phone. „You can try the application anywhere, not only on the Old Town Square. In a few seconds the Marian Column will grow in front of you, visualized just in the place you wish. Also, you can take a closer look and learn the basic facts about it instantly. Moreover, by turning the camera, everyone can also take a „sculpturesque“ selfie and express their support for the project by sharing it on their Facebook profile,“ adds Lukáš Capanda.