KNOWLIMITS Group leads RECMA Quali-pack Report ratings

The Paris Institute RECMA, the only independent company that evaluates media agencies on a global scale, has published the latest Quali-pack Report. The Czech communication agency, KNOWLIMITS Group, holds first place with the “high profile” rating and took first place in the Compitches ranking. On top of these achievements, it was the only agency in the Czech Republic to receive an A+ mark. Thanks to successfully closed tenders, KNOWLIMITS Group also reigns supreme in the RECMA New-biz rating.

The latest issue of the RECMA Quali-pack report moved KNOWLIMITS Group onto the top of the list of media agencies in the Czech Republic. RECMA evaluates agencies not only in terms of turnover, but especially in terms of qualitative aspects, such as access to new tenders, participation in industry competitions or the type of clients for which the media agency works.

The results of the latest RECMA report does a good job of characterizing the way our consulting teams work. I am glad to see that our staff reinforcement last year has caused a positive impact. We have continued to raise the number of our experts this year as well,” says Jan Vidím, CEO of KNOWLIMITS Group. “We have been providing our clients with quality services with very attractive conditions for a long time and this is now confirmed by this independent RECMA analysis.”

The qualitative evaluation is based on two groups of criteria – vitality and structure. Vitality expresses the health and dynamism of agencies, looking at their new business, performances in pitches, activity growth and management changes. The structure criteria examines mainly the agency’s available resources in each section – digital, data & analysis or content & events. The area of structure also takes into account the number of large clients, local connections or the strength of relationships with clients.

“KNOWLIMITS achieved the highest rating on the market with 17 points allowing it to achieve the “high profile”. As a result it is ranked first among media agencies (independent and networks) in the Czech Republic,” explains Beatrice Goursaud from the RECMA rating agency, adding: “The vitality aspect works better for the KNOWLIMITS Group than the structure rankings. In terms of vitality, the agency received the best score in the Czech Republic, 10 points. “

KNOWLIMITS Group also clearly won first place in the RECMA Compitches 2020 ranking, which evaluates success in new media tenders. This criterion demonstrates the agency’s ability to propose innovative strategies and attractive prices to advertisers. The evaluation is carried out on a yearly basis for three consecutive years. This takes the vitality aspect into account while allowing the consistency of the performance to be monitored. “The second half of last year was especially demanding in terms of participation in tenders. And this is why we are so pleased to be the only ones to receive a mark of A+” reveals Vidím. According to the RECMA Compitches Report, KNOWLIMITS Group received 27 points.