We strengthen our digital media capabilities through entering into strategic partnership

Our communications group extends and reinforces its portfolio through entering into strategic partnership with Fragile media digital agency, which focuses on digital marketing services. According to Jan Vidím, CEO of entire KNOWLIMITS Group, the cooperation will be beneficiary for all: „Thanks to closer cooperation, both sides will clearly gain greater links between offline and online media.“ Daniel Kafka, founder of Fragile media, is also convinced both agencies will benefit from the newly established relationship. „For us, this step means extending the client scope. At the same time we expect significant increase of volume of integrated campaigns, where both traditional and online media will be utilized,“ adds Kafka.

Knowlimits and Fragile have some of their specific characteristics in common.  Both agencies were built up from a scratch by their founders. Company culture is also similar – high degree of independence and self-reliance of individual consultants, friendly agency environment and strong result orientation. „I like the fact that both agencies work for their clients on a long-term basis, have strong relationships and at the same time want to keep moving, not only within the Czech market,“ concludes Jan Vidím.