KNOWLIMITS leads the RECMA Compitches 2021 ranking by a wide margin

Our agency has been awarded by the Paris-based RECMA Institute as the most successful Czech media agency in the Compitches 2021 ranking. Based on the newly concluded tenders, we are the only one in the Czech Republic to receive an A+ grade.

According to the RECMA Compitches 2021 ranking, KNOWLIMITS redeived 12 points for newly concluded tenders. We are the only one company in the Czech Republic to recieve an A+ grade. “We are pleased that we were successful in the tenders and that we took the first place on the Compitches 2021 ranking. It is a positive confirmation that we are moving in the right direction in the development of services and teams,” comment Markéta Dyllong and Petr Bažant, managing partners of KNOWLIMITS.

The key tenders in which KNOWLIMITS has been successful include KKCG (Sazka/Allwyn, MND), Cemio Switzerland, Fingo, XIXOIO, Maspex, KETODIET and others.

The Paris-based RECMA Institute, founded in 1991, is the only independent organisation evaluating media agencies worldwide. Currently, RECMA collects and analyses data from more than 1,400 agencies in 90 countries. One of the criteria RECMA monitors is the success rate of media agencies in tenders.

RECMA Compitches 2021
Grades Balance Number points (wins minus depart) Media agency
 A+ +12 12-0 Knowlimits
A +7 9-2 OMD
B+ +5 8-3 PHD
source: RECMA, May 3, 2022